Doris the Peace Bus A Rotten Sock on Wheels

My name is Louis and during the summer of 2011 I was a participant on the west-to-east peace bus. This was my third CISV experience and I can safely say this program has been the highlight of my time here. I spent a full month cramped into a 14-seater white van with people I started out having next to no relation to. When I stepped off that rotten sock on wheels, I was completely changed.

Over the course of the month, I caught crabs (the kind in the ocean), conquered the Athabasca Glacier, visited the Calgary Stampede, set up camp in the backyard of a woman named Agnes, followed a roving asian night market, became a leader, ate far too much soft serve, and made thirteen best friends. It was wonderful.

The Peace Bus is a learning experience. It was, in my opinion, a far better program than, say, a village or summer camp, because it’s a lot more intimate. The diverse people you meet are packed next to you like sardines for weeks, so the social factor was incredible, and the extensive knowledge of your country you gain is also a main factor.

The peace bus is the best ever. I sincerely hope that the peace bus will become a CISV Canada tradition, I really do, because I think it really encompasses CISV’s values; friendship, respect, learning about cultures outside your own and self-awareness. In conclusion, the Peace Bus was beyond amazing. I hope that in future, more people will participate.

Louis is an active CISV member and a budding local artist.