Drum Roll Please…Opening the Envelope

When I was 10 years old, my best friend Hannah did a village with CISV to Sweden and later came to my old school to tell us what it was like and to recommend it. After that, I started thinking this would be cool.

After a few weeks and a few events with CISV it was my goal to go on a trip. When I found out I got accepted into a village in either Portugal or Germany, I was so happy!!! Then when the time came to learn of my destination, I remember feeling like I was going to scream when I found out where I was going. When they said, “Open your letters” I did scream, for I was going to Portugal!!!

I was extremely excited and a little nervous for the first while, but in the time leading up to the airplane ride, I eased into the feeling that everything was going to be A-Okay. When I first got to my village I was VERY nervous but I made friends the first night. All activities and games we did together made us more of a village. I can’t explain everything we did because there are no words to describe what it was like.

The thing that I loved about my CISV village is that I thought at the beginning that everyone would be completely different, but we were very alike –we all had feelings. I also liked that it wasn’t like another summer camp where you make friends; at this camp you meet people who live all over the world and you do activities with them that make you feel like these people are your neighbors or school friends.

My CISV village changed my life in a way nothing else could. My point of view on the world and a lot of things has changed. I used to judge people on the way they looked but now I know that none of the matters. Everyone feels; everyone has some bit of good in them.

There is nothing I would have changed in the program. If everyone in the world could do this program, I don’t think we would have war and other world problems. I would recommend a CISV village to every 11-year-old I know.