Peace Bus Forges a Special CISV Reconnection at Pinhey Sand Dunes

This past July when the CISV Peace Bus rolled in to town to help out with the Pinhey Sand Dune conservation project, a very special surprise was in store for Ottawa City Councillor Keith Egli. Keith and his wife had been invited by the Bio-Diversity Conservancy to come and join in on the restoration efforts…and as it turns out on the same day that the CISV Peace Bus participants arrived.

It turns out that Keith Egli’s wife, Kirsten Douglas had been a CISV participant – and what a surprise for her to see the CISV Peace and meet the participants at the Pinhey Sand Dunes that day ! It turns out in 1976, Kirsten’s brother was a delegate at a CISV camp in the USA. Mrs. Douglas, herself, attended seminar camps in 1979 and 1980 in Germany and the USA.

The connection with CISV goes even further with Kirsten’s Dad, Norman Douglas, who spent 3 years as CISV Ottawa’s chapter chair between 1979 and 1982, then 3 years as CISV Canada’s president (1982-85), and was CISV Canada’s international representative from 1985 to 1988. Both Mrs. Douglas’ parents, Norm and Janet, went to several international board meetings, which were held annually in different locations around the world, including one in Ottawa in 1981 and one in Brazil in 1988.

The unexpected meeting with the CISV Peace Bus participants was special because it highlighted Kristen’s and her husband’s ongoing commitment to incorporate shared values of Friendship, Inclusiveness, Enthusiasm, Engagement, and Cooperation into their lives as they lead within our community and globally.

Councillor Egli’s July 27, 2012 Ward 9 Newsletter highlights the CISV Peace Bus participants help with the Pinhey Sand Dunes Conservation Project