Summer 2012 Tale #1 The Peace Bus

I am 17 years old and go to de la Salle school. This summer I did the Peace Bus C2C west-bound that started in Halifax and ended in Victoria. We were thirteen teenagers from all across Canada from ages 15 to 17 and two leaders in their 20's. During 38 days, we visited all the major cities (and were hosted mainly by participants families) and several fascinating sites (some of which tourists wouldn't know about). We also did a lot of volunteer work along the way.

What was great about this trip, was getting to know all of these very open minded people who want to actively do something for their community. The things we would talk about at the end of each day would range from:

  • group dynamics,
  • etiquette while eating with a Mennonite community,
  • yoga,
  • how to interpret the photographs of Arnaud Maggs,
  • interacting with people living in nursing homes,
  • debriefing after an amazing talk with a holocaust survivor,
  • the challenges facing former drug users,
  • and much more.

All of these topics came up because of our volunteer experiences, people we met and places we visited. I have such great memories from this summer and am in pretty constant contact with all the amazing other teenagers I met. I would recommend this program for anyone who has an open mind, a spirit of adventure and a will to learn and take action.

Sam Shaughnessy

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