What an Awesome Silly Chili 2012

Thanks to all for attending! The more the merrier certainly applied for Sunday night's event! How many do you think we were?

Sandy Hill Community Centre's Main Hall was full to the brim, the variety of chili was plentiful and tasty and the delegation skits entertained the audience.

Good food, good spirit in embracing the Mosaic 'let's use our LOCAL food' and a great cooperative spirit in and out of the kitchen. Kudos to all who volunteered to make for lighter work!

This event is never exactly the same from year to year, so thanking you for your patience in setting up the hall to be able to seat everyone. Please contribute your feedback or write a little blog/message/article for CISV's website, Facebook, or next newsletter and fill in the blanks for those who weren't able to attend this time.

And if you, after having so much fun, needed to leave in a hurry, forgot some of your dishes, don't fret - the staff at Sandy Hill CC has collected a few things behind their counter at the front desk. You can pick them up at your convenience.

Congratulations to JB exec, leaders, their delegations, and our members (a great participating audience!) for the creative process involved in making this a memorable CISV event!