Seminar Camp Applications

The Seminar Participant Application includes camps for summer 2016, and winter 2017. It is possible dates will change for programs, dates will not be confirmed until late January or early February when precamp 1 is issued.

As outlined on the applications, forms need to be submitted complete with the reference and a proof of age (copy of drivers licence etc).
The deadline for forms is December 1st for participants to be considered in the first round. Late forms will mean applicants will be placed in subsequent rounds as invitations allow. Forms can be mailed, or submitted electronically. All fees are set and collected by the local chapter.

Given the demand for program spots in recent years, applicants may not all be placed in the first round. Additional spots will be requested as needed to place as many people as possible at camps, but applicants may not know until the winter or even early spring if they have been placed. It may not be possible to place everyone, even if they are strong applicants with paperwork filed on time. Guidelines for applicant placement are outlined in the CISV Canada handbook. Generally priority goes to those who are 18, and with a spread of spots across chapters. We will do our best to not place applicants from the same chapter at the same camp.

Applicants should rank all camps on the form, even those we do not currently have invitations to, to help out with camp placement in later rounds. Please note for the camp in Poland participants must be 18 on the first day of camp to participate.
Please both apply to CISV Ottawa AND submit your seminar camp application .doc or .pdf to Sara by December 1st.