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Fall Camp 2012

The kids had a blast and the activities sounded top notch! Check out some JB Fall Camp 2012 pictures (facebook account required) and video.



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Francesco Coffee Fundraiser

Get your fix & support the next program CISV Ottawa will host! Order your Francesco's coffee (a local roaster) through CISV now! Several coffee types (including fair trade organic) are available as whole beans or ground in 3/4 lb bags. The coffee is roasted and vacuum packaged by Francesco's approximately 2-4 days before it is available for pickup. Proceeds from the order go toward hosting the next CISV Ottawa program.

E-mail Bruce to see if there is coffee available immediately from the most recent order.

Or join the next order, pickup dates are noted on the order form. (payment can be at pickup time)

To learn more about the local roaster Francesco's click here.

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September 2012 -- CISV Picture of the Month

We hosted two children from the Ottawa Village for the middle homestay: Aiden (USA) and Eric (Sweden).

The boys couldn’t  decide who would take the first leap off the dock into the lake, so they decided to hold hands and do it together.

I think this picture embodies the spirit of CISV.

Nicholas B.

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Summer 2012 Tale #1 The Peace Bus

I am 17 years old and go to de la Salle school. This summer I did the Peace Bus C2C west-bound that started in Halifax and ended in Victoria. We were thirteen teenagers from all across Canada from ages 15 to 17 and two leaders in their 20's. During 38 days, we visited all the major cities (and were hosted mainly by participants families) and several fascinating sites (some of which tourists wouldn't know about). We also did a lot of volunteer work along the way.

What was great about this trip, was getting to know all of these very open minded people who want to actively do something for their community. The things we would talk about at the end of each day would range from:

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Reminder of CISV Charitable Donations

We thank ALL CISV members who contribute to CISV through their workplace charitable donations programs. Here’s the information you need to do this:

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Peace Bus Forges a Special CISV Reconnection at Pinhey Sand Dunes

This past July when the CISV Peace Bus rolled in to town to help out with the Pinhey Sand Dune conservation project, a very special surprise was in store for Ottawa City Councillor Keith Egli. Keith and his wife had been invited by the Bio-Diversity Conservancy to come and join in on the restoration efforts…and as it turns out on the same day that the CISV Peace Bus participants arrived.