In order to be able to send CISV Ottawa youth to international programs, the chapter must regularly host programs in Ottawa. As a result, approximately $20,000 must be raised each year. All chapter families are encouraged to support CISV Ottawa fundraisers, outlined below. As part of the Program Fees Policy, CISV Ottawa offers all chapter families the opportunity to have some of their Program Fees refunded by participating in shared fundraising options. Funds raised this way may be shared evenly between the chapter and the family or donated towards the CISV Ottawa bursary fund through the shared fundraising process.

United Way Donations

If you contribute to a corporate or government workplace United Way campaign, please consider giving a portion of your donation to the Ottawa chapter of CISV.

At the bottom of the United Way contribution form there is a section "C" entitled "Other Canadian Registered Charity." Simply identify the organization as CISV Ottawa, indicate the amount you wish to designate to CISV, and add our registration number which is 13224 8717.

All proceeds from United Way designations to CISV Ottawa go to the chapter. They are not eligible for shared fundraising because the information cannot be tracked.

Direct Donations

Donations may be sent by cheque.

Donations may be made directly to CISV Ottawa through

All proceeds from direct donations through CanadaHelps go to the chapter. They are not eligible for shared fundraising as donations to a charity may not be directed.

Great Glebe Garage Sale

Every year, CISV Ottawa sells items at the Great Glebe Garage Sale in May. If you are interested in coordinating or volunteering at this event, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator. There are Glebe Garage Sale Planning and Item Inventory documents available to assist. All proceeds from the Great Glebe Garage Sale go to the chapter. They are not eligible for shared fundraising as it is difficult to track how much each family has raised.

Francesco Coffee

Order your Francesco's coffee through CISV

Shared Fundraising Options

Grocery Gift Certificates

Great fundraiser for CISV, we buy in bulk and get a discount. CISV keeps half the discount and applies the other half as credit towards your next travel program or you may choose to donate the money and get a tax receipt.

Grocery cards are available for:

  • Loblaws / Superstore (also valid at Maxi, NoFrills, Provigo, Independent, Valu-Mart)
  • Metro (also valid at Food Basics)

No minimum order is required and you can order a mix of Metro and Loblaws cards - the cards are available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, $250 (Loblaws) and $25, $50, $100 (Metro). The family will be credited half the discount, typically 2%, applied to the family's account as credit towards your next travel program or you may choose to donate the money and get a tax receipt.

How to order:

  • Make a one time order with a cheque payable to CISV Ottawa
  • OR
  • Write post-dated cheques payable to CISV Ottawa
  • Date them for the 15th of the each month

Mail your cheques to Jean-Sébastien Gallant (email for the address). Grocery cards will be mailed to you.



Friday Night Suppers

Host a CISV Friday Night Supper to raise awareness of CISV and raise some funds. Typically the host family provides all of the food along with information about CISV (e.g., a delegate's travel experience). Guests are asked to donate to CISV (any amount) to show their appreciation for a night free from cooking. Tax receipts can be mailed for donations above $10. Get sample invitations, information flyers and requests for tax receipts at Friday Night Supper Info.

New Initiatives

Chapter families are encouraged to initiate other cost-sharing fundraising options on behalf of CISV Ottawa. Contact our Chair to discuss possibilities.

Shared Fundraising Process

  • An account may be set up for any family with a current membership who so requests (in anticipation of travel in the upcoming year or future).
  • The balance in the account may be refunded to the family or donated towards the CISV Ottawa bursary fund.
  • An account may remain open as long as the family maintains chapter membership. If a family is no longer a member, the account will be closed.
  • The balance will be offered to be credited to the family or to the bursary fund on the date of membership renewal.

An example:

  • A CISV family opens an account on Jan 1, 2007 in anticipation of one of their children travelling.
  • They find 12 friends/relatives who each commit to buying $100/month of Loblaws certificates for the next two years. From this $1200/month the family’s account receives a credit of $30 per month.
  • In Feb 2008 one of their children is selected to travel to a village. The Program Fees are $2500 ($1000 Chapter Fee; $1200 for airfare; $300 for leader’s airfare). By this time the family has a credit of $420 in their account ($30/month x 14 months), so they only have to pay $2080, and their account balance is reduced to nil.
  • In May 2008 the delegation decides to sell candles as a fundraiser and this family earns $800 which is split $400 for the chapter and $400 for the family’s account.
  • Upon the child’s return the family hosts a Friday night supper and raises $600 – the chapter receives $300 and the other $300 is added to the family’s account.
  • The balance in the account at the end of 2008 is $1000 ($400 from candle fundraiser, $300 from the Friday night supper, plus $30 x 10 months for Loblaws). In January 2009, the family receives a cheque from CISV Ottawa for $1000 and at that time decides to close their account
  • From these two simple fundraisers, the family has earned back a total of $1420 of its initial $2500 Program Fees. At the same time, it has contributed $1420 to chapter fundraising which will be used to support the next program hosted here in Ottawa.

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