Police Records Check

At CISV Ottawa, we take the safety of our youth seriously. Our Risk Management Policy requires that all adults (18+) who will be in contact with youth (attending or staffing local & international programs, leading delegations, living with Interchange or homestay families) must have a Police Records Check (PRC). The PRC must be less than 3 years old and takes many weeks to process.

Get your police check today! Contact our Risk Manager with questions.

How to Apply

  • Apply for a Police Records Check for people working with vulnerable individuals (Level 3).
  • Apply online for the fastest service. Even when the application must be finished in-person, having an online application gives priority service.
  • Fill in the application, putting "CISV Ottawa" as the “Name of Organization” and checking the "volunteer" box.
  • Avoid the $15 fee with the CISV Ottawa letter
  • When applying in-person you must show two pieces of identification and go to 2670 Queensview Dr.

Ensure that you receive an official receipt with the date of application as CISV Ottawa requires this if your check is not completed on time.

How Much Does it Cost?

The PRC is free with the chapter letter. You need to log in first to download this letter.

For an express fee of $41, you can get your police check 'while you wait/same day', if you have lived in Ottawa for the past five years.

See the Ottawa Police Service's Police Records Checks for more information.

Valid ID

When applying in-person you need two pieces of identification that confirm your name, date of birth, and address. One piece of identification must include a photo. Photocopies are not acceptable. Please note that Ontario Health Cards cannot be accepted for identification purposes.

Acceptable Photo Identification (which provides photo, name, and date of birth):

  • Driver’s Licence*
  • Passport
  • Ontario photo card
  • Government Employment Card
  • Military Employment Card
  • Age of Majority Card
  • Canadian Citizenship Card (up-to-date)
  • Indian Status Card
  • International Student Identification Card (ISIC)
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Possession and Acquisition License (PAL)

*If no Driver's Licence is available, you must provide a recent utility bill, bank statement, pay stub, or current lease/rental agreements, valid Post-Secondary Student Identification to verify current Ottawa address.

Acceptable Non-Photo Identification (which provides both name and date of birth):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Hunting Licence
  • Fishing Licence
  • Outdoors Card
  • Hospital Card
  • Immigration Papers

Once You Receive Your Check

When you have received the PRC, please:

  • Update the Volunteer Information on your Registration Page. Either add a new volunteer or use the pencil beside the name of an existing volunteer to record the date of the police check.
  • Scan and email the completed police check to your program coordinator or to risk.manager@cisvottawa.ca when not participating in a particular program.

Check the Status of Your PRC

To enquire about the status of your police check (due to privacy concerns, no one else can ask on your behalf), phone Ottawa Police Service at 613.236.1222 ext.5485.

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