Program Information

Use this information when deciding whether to apply for an international program. If you have questions, please contact the Program Chair or the corresponding Program Coordinator. You can also read the welcome letter.


  For Village, Interchange, and 15 year old Step Up (wait listed)

 Some programs still available. Reference form

 Apply by Dec 2. Application process

Age Program Location Dates
11 Village Brazil, Campinas (V-2019-007) July 5 - Aug 1, 2019
11 Village Germany, Darmstadt (V-2019-023) July 5 - Aug 1, 2019
11 Village India, Lucknow (V-2019-029) Dec 28, 2019 - Jan 24, 2020
11+ National Camp Near Toronto 1 week in Aug 2019
12‑13 Interchange Graz, Austria

 2.5 weeks each location

14 Step Up Sweden, Jonkoping (C-2019-044) June 28 - July 20, 2019
17‑18 Seminar Camp 24 destinations See application form and reference form
16-18 YM USA, Boston (Y-2019-055) turned back June 21 - July 5, 2019
16-18 YM Norway, Oslo & Akershus (Y-2019-040) turned back July 21 - 28, 2019
19+ IPP Sweden, Creating Safe Environments 25 June to 12 July 2019
19+ IPP Czech Republic, Lift Each Other Up 13 to 27 July 2019
19+ IPP Portugal, Building Bridges 26 July to 11 August 2019
19+ IPP Italy, Peaceful Fights 4 to 18 August 2019
19+ IPP Japan, Stories of Fukushima 11 to 24 August 2019


IPP application form and process.

JC positions are listed here.

Program Timeline

In early November, at the national board meeting of CISV Canada, we find out which programs CISV Ottawa can offer.

There is an Info Night in November which is an opportunity to learn more about the organization. Sign up online for membership applications/renewals.

Selection Camp in mid-January is a chance for youth to learn what CISV is all about and for the organization to get to know them.

Candidates are then selected & telephoned with the news the following week to let them know. The Program Fees deposit must be paid right away. They then get to meet their leader & the other youth in their delegation at the First Delegation Meeting in late February.

The chapter gathers for Silly Chili, a potluck dinner run by our Junior Branch (JB), is where the traveling delegations introduce themselves by performing skits.

The delegations then meet regularly (say monthly) at times that suit the families involved until they are ready to leave. This allows the youth to really get to know each other & their leader, so they feel comfortable going away together.

Program delegates are expected to attend the CISV Ottawa Spring Camp in May to further their CISV experience and bond in an away-from-home setting with their delegation. Seminar Campers are expected to require training - contact the Seminar Camp Coordinator for more details.

Program delegates and (if <21 yrs), custodial parents (all with government-issued photo identification) are expected to attend the CISV Ottawa notary signing and annual general meeting in June. If delegates can not attend the notary signing, they are responsible for getting the papers notarized on their own at their own cost.

Selection Guidelines

CISV offers programs unlike other summer camp experiences. They aim to develop individual and group attitudes and actions consistent with the CISV philosophy. We hope that all delegates have a basic understanding of the goals of CISV when applying for programs. Parents must also be prepared to participate in delegation meetings as well as social and information events hosted by the chapter.

Local programs and meetings for the Junior Branch occur throughout the school year. Involvement in CISV is much more than applying for a travel opportunity. It is expected that, whenever possible, youth members of the chapter will participate in the monthly meetings and in the local mini-camps.

Some of the characteristics of suitable candidates are:

  • friendly
  • able to assume responsibility within a group
  • able to communicate easily with both adults and children
  • have a personal desire to make friends with children of other countries
  • respectful attitude toward other youth and adults
  • willing to learn a culture and share yours
  • friendly
  • independent
  • willing to express thoughts and feelings
  • willing to make friends
  • helpful
  • cooperative
  • a clear Police Records Check for all persons 18 years and older who will be in the home during the program
  • willing to learn about CISV purpose, principles and programs
  • prepared to participate in planning and implementing the host agenda
  • known to the chapter
  • has time to spend on the program
  • able to think for themselves
  • able to interact with peer group
  • willing to plan, lead, and participate in activities
  • willing to accept responsibilities
  • willing to listen to and respect ideas of others
  • have initiative, resourcefulness, and an open mind

Age Guidelines

Participants must be the proper age in the general program period, in the year in which the program is hosted, specifically:

Leaders must be the proper age on the day of departure for the program:

CISV Ottawa Info:

CISV International Guides:

Program Policies

All program applicants are required to agree to these policies:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do an international program to be a member?

No you do not have to participate in an international program to be a member. There are several opportunities for members to participate locally or nationally.

How does one become a delegate for a program?

In order to become a delegate representing Ottawa, you must first formally apply by filling out the applicable application form for your program. Prospective delegates must also attend one of CISV Ottawa’s Selection Camp. It is at this camp that the Program Committee will observe the applicant and their ability to adapt to the CISV culture.

How does one become a Junior Counselor or Adult Delegate/Leader for an international program?

In order to be selected to fill one of CISV Ottawa’s leadership positions, you must first formally apply by filling out the applicable application form for your program. Prospective leaders must also attend CISV Ottawa’s Selection Camp. It is at this camp that the Leadership Committee will observe the applicant and their ability to adapt to the CISV culture. If successful, the candidate will be asked to attend mandatory local and national leadership training.

What are the ages for Junior Counselors and Adult Leaders?

Junior Counselors must be at least age 16 the day they leave for the Village and not have reached their 18th birthday prior to the start of the Village. Adult Leaders must be at least 21 years of age prior to their program commencing.

Do leaders get criminal record checks?

Yes, every year all leaders or adults volunteering or hosting youth must successfully pass a police records check before they are able to participate at local activities, mini-camps or international programs. A CISV Ottawa letter is available on our website, and you can take it to any Ottawa Police Station. See Police Records Check for more information.

Who pays for the Village?

The host chapter pays for the food, lodging, excursions, and program supplies. Delegates are responsible for their airfare, leader training costs and all costs applicable to preparing for the program. Delegates are also responsible for 1/4 of any cost that the leader may incur preparing for the program.

Will I have to travel by myself?

For most programs, delegations travel together. However, JCs, Seminar Camp participants, IPP participants, as well as some YM participants travel on their own to and from camp.

Where will I get to travel?

Every year at the National Board Meeting (NBM), CISV Ottawa receives its international programs for the year. Please check this website at the beginning of December to find out what CISV Ottawa has for programs.

What are the responsibilities once my child is selected?

Once your child is selected to go on a program, CISV needs to become your family’s #1 priority. There is a lot of work involved in sending your child to an international program. Therefore, leaders generally like to meet with their delegation and families every couple of weeks, if not more. It is very important that the adult leader gets to know your child and that your child gets to trust you leader prior to their departure to a program.

Please be prepared to put a lot of work into your child’s wonderful experience. In the end, it will be worth every second!

How long will my child be gone?

Depending on the program, your child may be gone anywhere from 21-39 days. Seminar Camps and Step Ups are 21 days in length while Villages typically run 28 days in length. Interchanges vary in length - from 14 to 28 days - and take place in one summer, one summer and one winter or two summers, depending on the preferences of the two chapters involved. Occasionally, delegations are required to be away for longer than their program period due to travel times required to reach some programs.

With whom does my child travel?

Your child, if in a delegation, will travel with their Adult Leader. Junior Counselors, Seminar Campers and some YM participants will travel by themselves to and from camp.

Can I choose where my child goes?

Unfortunately you cannot choose where your child goes for an international program. Youth are selected by a random draw process. If finances are a problem, you may indicate this when you apply as a reason for preference of a specific international program. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this preference will be accommodated but we will do our best to accommodate all families belonging to CISV Ottawa.

Will I have to do any fundraising?

Individual delegation fundraising is up to the families involved in the delegation. However, chapter fundraising does occur annually and it is expected that all members will attend in some capacity to help the chapter to raise money to host international programs. Please read our Volunteer Policy. We are mandated to host a program every two years and we require all chapter members' assistance in helping to raise funds for these programs. Please contact the Fundraising Committee to find out how you can help out CISV Ottawa.

CISV Ottawa