Travel Policy


This policy covers travel by CISV Ottawa chapter members to CISV programs. It is designed to ensure safe and reliable travel arrangements for the participants.

This policy applies to:


Role of Travel Coordinator


Travel Guidelines


Additional Guidelines for Delegation Travel


Additional Guidelines for Individual Travel


Insurance Coverage

CISV Ottawa travellers, and all CISV travellers are covered by CISV International's travel insurnace. All details are available here:



Frequently Asked Questions


Can we book our own delegation flights?

No. All delegation travel must be booked through CISV Ottawa because:

Can delegations add a sightseeing excursion en route to/from a CISV program?

CISV Ottawa offers international programs in foreign locations and arranges transportation to and from these programs. CISV Ottawa does not allow delegates to include sightseeing excursions for many reasons, including:

Can we purchase/use our own insurance policy?

Even though some families do have extended health and travel insurance, the CISV international insurance policy is a very thorough package. This ensures that:


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