Group of Children

The foundation for global friendship

The Village is a unique four week international camp that was the original CISV program and is still its flagship. Delegates to this multilingual and multicultural experience participate in a mix of educational, cultural and sporting activities, which emphasize cooperative global and intercultural living.

Age 11
Duration 28 Days
Size of group Delegations from 10 - 12 countries. Each delegation comprises 2 boys and 2 girls with an adult leader (age 21+). The camp is coordinated by an adult staff supported by Junior Counselors (age 16-17).


Program Fees

  • Chapter membership fee of $100 (family) or $50 (individual);
  • Chapter fee of $300 towards the costs of hosting programs in Ottawa;
  • CISV Canada and CISV International fee of $745;
  • Airfare and related travel costs* (e.g., travel insurance, visas, local transportation) due upon chapter billing; and
  • Delegate’s share of the leader’s training, airfare, and related travel costs*.

*Travel costs will vary depending on travel destination. Applicants must be prepared to pay for any of the potential travel destinations for the program to which they are applying.

Contact the Village Coordinator and see our Age Guidelines, Selection Guidelines, Program Fees Policy, Travel Policy, and Program Timeline for further details.

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