CISV Ottawa was founded in 1967! Our local, volunteer CISV Ottawa chapter team (“board”)

  • takes care of our members – children, youth, parents
  • gives information about the organization
  • hosts meetings, events and minicamps
  • is present in public
  • assembles delegations for international programs
  • selects leaders
  • takes care of delegations and participants during preparation
  • helps with travels
  • hosts international programs
  • charges the fees and pays the international organization
  • searches sponsors and donors
  • represents our interests in national and international conferences

We are always happy to have any additional support.  Interested in getting more involved, please check here for current needs and contact us today if you want to help out!

Kim Banks Hart

Chapter Co-Chair and Membership Coordinator

Melina Craig

Vice-Chair and Fundraising Coordinator

Chris Lindberg

Outgoing Chair

Owen Wetherow


Susan Liver


Saskia Van Beers

Risk Manager

Annalisa Bonardi

Associate Risk Manager

Chris Wilson

Program Chair

Debbie Poisson

Travel Coordinator

Nancy Maguire

Leadership Chair

Junior Branch Liaison

Who is who?

  • Our Chairs are our "mouthpiece" to the outside, our "team captains" to the inside, and provide an overview of the whole.
  • Our Treasurer is responsible for everything financial - fee collection, paying bills, and never losing sight of the account, so that the financial stability of the organization is maintained.
  • Our LJRs (Local Junior Representatives) represent the young generation in all discussions and decisions.
  • The program chairs are national contact persons for the individual programs - Village, Interchange, StepUp, Youth Meeting, Seminar Camp and IPP, each under the overall management an guidance of the Program Chair.
  • The Risk Manager is the contact person if there is a problem and is connected to a national and international team for support as needed.
  • The Hosting Chair leads the team responsible for international programs hosted here in Ottawa.
  • The Events Coordinator is responsible for booking and managing facilities for our various local events throughout the year.
  • The Membership Coordinator is responsible for managing the membership list and annual renewals.
  • The Webmaster is responsible for the CISV Ottawa website content and updates.