In order to inspire critical thinking and peaceful actions as well as to put a smile on (y)our face we share ideas and motivate to make a local impact.

What is JB?

The very heart and soul of CISV, Junior Branch (JB) comprises young local CISVers between the ages of 11-25, who develop intercultural and leadership skills through educational and social activities. Juniors manage their own activities and take an active role in the administrative responsibilities of their chapters. Operating through a network at the national and international level, Juniors organize their own programs on a wide variety of themes, such as social justice and the environment. Junior Branch activities are aimed at building community, developing skills and promoting peace through education.

Junior Branches come in all shapes and sizes, but all Junior Branches (JBs) share some things in common. The JB Essentials describe what makes a JB:

  • All JBs are part of A Global Movement;
  • All JBs work towards the JB Goals;
  • JBs are Constantly Developing;
  • JBs are Self-Governing entities;

The JB Essentials are the foundations of JB, or simply what JB is. They are central to the way Junior Branch has developed over the past 40 years and will continue to develop.

Ottawa-area youth involved in the JB have opportunities to:

  • develop an awareness of international affairs, the global environment and their own society
  • maintain contact with old friends in the Ottawa chapter as well as meet new ones
  • attend monthly activities that promote the CISV philosophy and which are educational and fun
  • be elected to the JB Exec
  • gain leadership skills
  • earn high school community involvement credits

The JB Exec meets the each month. Meetings start at 7:00 and last between 60-90 minutes. The location of meetings changes from month to month as members take turns hosting the meetings in their home. Please contact us to request more information on our JB.

In addition to the monthly planning meetings, the JB organizes a monthly activities. They also organize three local mini-camps every year. There is a two-day mini-camp in October, a five-day camp during the Christmas school break and a three-day camp during the long weekend in May.

At CISV camps, participants learn about peace and related themes through experience, discussion and exchange. Throughout the camp there is a balance of physical activities, arts and crafts, thought-provoking activities and simulations. Participants must be prepared to do some thinking and discussing on a wide variety of topics that span anything from racism to honesty to communication.

JB Goals

The JB Goals describe what JBers hope to achieve by taking part in Junior Branch. In short, what does JB exist to do?

  1.  Building an Inclusive Community
  2.  Developing our Organization
  3.  Advancing Leadership
  4.  Educating By Experience
  5.  Empowering to Reflect and Act

Junior Branch is a global movement because JBs do not act alone but recognize and take part in global initiatives such as supporting the International Day of Peace; JBs are self governing because we strongly value electing our own leaders; JB advances leadership when JBers take charge of running their own activities; JB gives youth the chance to take action and plan their own events and activities, from arranging activities for younger JBers, creating projects for the local community or taking part in international movements.