An important part of many CISV programs are family stays for groups of two or more children:

  • At Villages and StepUps at the beginning of the camp, so that the leaders can prepare the camp;
  • At Villages at the end of the second week, to allow the leaders and staff time to plan and relax; and,
  • For all camps for participants who are leaving earlier or later for organizational reasons.

The children or young people should experience the life in their host country’s family and also have a small look at our country.

We would like to ask you for your help. To give the participants the experience they should have during their stay in a foreign country we need friendly hosts (curious families, engaged singles, courageous seniors...).  The reward for your hospitality is the joy of the children after a nice day, the satisfaction after a good meal, newly gained experiences with people from other cultures and the honestly expressed "thank you" when saying goodbye.

The Prerequisites

We would also like to appeal to your solidarity: Most of the children and teenagers of this CISV chapter have already been lovingly welcomed as guests in other countries and have also been well cared for by their host families. The children who come here should be treated with similar kindness!
  • Space - a mattress per guest child. We do not expect proper beds or rooms; it’s fine if your own children like to share the room with the guests.
  • Communication - Many children bring only a few English phrases. The willingness to communicate with hands and feet is helpful in any case.
  • Patience - Some children have endured a long flight; most of them are excited; some are abroad for the first time …
  • Police records check - we require a complete police records check to host children in your home (see the reference section for details)
We will be happy to help you with the kids during these days! Apart from that, the main task is to offer a warm welcome, a place to eat and sleep, some help overcoming homesickness and to deliver / pick up the children at the campsite or at the airport. If you still have questions, please write to us at