We always welcome new people to join the CISV Ottawa Board, for any amount of involvement, to help with specific tasks, or just to find out more about how CISV Ottawa works.
Let us know if you are interested, please contact info@cisvottawa.ca. Thanks!!

We are currently looking for people to help with the following roles:

  • Communications  – to write these handy informative emails
  • Social Media –  to post informative content on one or more of our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts. works together with Communications & web person for a synchronized message
  • Web Site –  do web page updates (in WordPress), work with our webmaster to keep our web presence up to date and useful
  • Events – to find and book halls or other sites when we again have in-person events, like the Silly Chili chapter pot-luck, usually held in the spring.

We are also currently looking for:

  • A free venue to host ~100 people for chapter events like Silly Chili and Travel Tales (does your office, church or community building have something we could use on weekends?)
  • Donations of time and/or money to help plan for, fund and run our 2023 Step Up Camp in Ottawa next summer!